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The most common deficiency symptom in plants is chlorosis. The symptoms are yellow leaves caused by iron or manganese deficiency. Manganese is important for the plant’s metabolism and cell division. Besides manganese, fast-growing plants also need zinc, copper, boron and molybdenum. Zinc has a beneficial effect on the metabolism and the production of proteins. A deficiency will influence all new growth including the tops. In case of a serious deficiency, the leaves bend downwards, the top leaves will be undersized and deformed and the growth will stagnate. In case of a boron deficiency, the lateral shoots in particular will grow insufficiently and produce poor quality buds. The flowers will be undersized and deformed. An excess of boron will lead to necrosis of the leaf edge. Copper deficiency inhibits the growth and development of the flower bud because copper plays a role in the transport of sugars and water in the plant’s vessels. Molybdenum is used in very small quantities by the plant, but a deficiency may lead to growth inhibition and chlorosis.

Product Information

Trace Mix regulates and facilitates the plant’s metabolism. In combination with enzymes and vitamins, they work as a catalyst. If the substrate contains a lack of micro-elements, it will affect the quality, growth and yield of the plant. House & Garden Trace Mix supplements these deficiencies, which may occur in fast growing plants.

Dilution Rates

Dilution rate of Trace Mix is 1ml/L


Trace Mix can be added preventively to ready-to-use nutrients or be administered via the leaves.  Results are already noticeable after two or three days.  Trace Mix is suitable for growth in Cocos, Hydro and Soil.

Sizes Available

250ml, 500ml

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